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We are roof specialists operating in W. Salem, Oregon. We are here to help you get a roof that is reliable, water-resistant, and takes elements of nature without any issues.

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We believe in installing a roof that looks great and serves you a strong roof for your house. Our roof specialists will have the needed training in all kinds of roofing. Our team is desiccated, does their work with absolute professionalism, and finishes the work on time. Your roof is our responsibility when you hire us. We install, repair, or replace your roof as needed with quality products. We are transparent with communication and answer all your questions from the start so you are not in doubt. You don’t have to second guess about the quality of your roof when you hire us to do your roof. We give you a warranty on the roof we install. No matter what kind of roof service you need, what roof you need it for, we will do it for you at reasonable prices.

When you have issues with your roof and need immediate help with it, give us a call. We are prompt with answering calls. We will help you repair your broken or damaged roof. If your roof needs replacement asap, we can do that as well. We are dedicated roofing companies that promise you a quality roof.

Our Services

Roof Repair

Roofs can be damaged during bad weather. HIgh-intensity wind, storm, heavy rain can crack on your roof, damage the shingle, damage the flashing. Whatever may be the case with your roof, however severe the damage is, we will be able to repair it. We have repaired enough roofs to know how to do it right. We have tools to repair your roof to make them last longer and prevent the damage from intensifying. Roofs that are old tend to wear off on their own. We have some of the best roof specialists that are efficient in inspecting and devising roof repairs for your roof. Roof repairs are tricky, if you leave a roof even when it is damaged, you will cause it to deteriorate further. In the worst-case scenario, you will have hold in your roof, excessive mold infestation, and total roof collapse. Give us a call when your roof needs immediate roof repair from damage.

Roof Replacement

Your roof will need replacement when the existing material is beyond repair. Your roof is one of the foundation structures of your house. You probably can’t live inside a house without a roof. A roof that is sagging or leaking from multiple locations can cause water to flood your house. Rain, snow, and bad weather can completely destroy your roof if you do not replace your damaged roof on time. Good thing is, with Salem roof Repair and Replacement, you get a quick and effective roof replacement. Give our roof experts a call for a detailed breakdown of the time it will take and the cost of the whole replacement. We have replaced all kinds of roofs for commercial and residential properties in W. Salem, Oregon.

Roof Installation

We installed a new roof as well. When you need a roof that is sturdy, looks amazing, and made with the kind of material you want, give Salem Roof Repair and Replacement a call. We have roofers who have more than 20 years of experience in roofing. We are also dealers of roofing material such as steel, aluminum, vinyl, shingle, and tile roof that you choose from. We will install the roof in a way that will make your roof durable for years to come. When you hire us, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the roof, we will take care of it.

Free Roof Estimate

We provide a free estimate on all kinds of roofing services. Give us a call for a free estimate of roof services by Salem Roof Repair, and Replacement.

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We give the quality of the roof topmost priority. We believe in customer satisfaction and work towards achieving it. We are licensed and insured as well. We make sure to follow safety protocols, get permits, and follow building codes while installing your roof in W. Salem, Oregon. Salem Roof Repair & Replacement is known to be one of the few companies that stand on quality tests. We use authentic locally manufactured roofing material.

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Roofing Service W. Salem, OR

  Roofing Service W. Salem OR

West Salem is rich in history. Founded by Thomas Leonard, who came to the area in 1851 from New
England. Pleased with what he found, he returned to New England to bring his family and built a log
cabin located on the present Coulee Region Christian School site. It marked the beginning of the

West Salem was platted in 1856. It was named Salem by a Baptist minister named Elder Card because
the word meant “peace” in Arabic and Hebrew. The word West was added to the name when mail was
confused with another town named Salem.

Hamlin Garland, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Daughter of the Middle Border, was born in West
Salem. He returned to West Salem in 1893 to purchase the property that is now the Garland


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